Editing Hits

Hits have almost all of the same characteristics as cues, and so most of the section on Editing Cues is relevant to editing hits as well. There are, however, a few differences:

  • Hits do not have subtitles.
  • Hits can be one of six colors: grey, red, yellow, green, blue, or purple.
  • Hits cannot auto-follow or auto play next. As such, the After This Hit Starts section of Hit Edit is somewhat simpler than that of Cue Edit.
  • Hits do not have Go Actions.

In Edit Mode, you can:

  • Reorder by pressing and holding on a hit and dragging it to a new position. Hits are automatically renumbered when you drop it in a new location.
  • Duplicate by selecting one or more hits, tapping the “gear” menu button, and then selecting “Duplicate Hits”.
  • Delete by selecting one or more hits and then tapping the “trash can” menu button.
  • Add by scrolling to the last page of hits and tapping on the empty hit marked with a ”+“. Alternately, you can select an existing hit and tap the ”+” menu button (in the navigation bar or toolbar) to insert a new hit at that position in the hits panel. On iOS 11 and newer, you can drag and drop audio files from the “Files” app in iPad Split View directly into your hits panel. This both imports the audio files (if needed) and creates a new hit for each file in a single drop action.
  • Edit by selecting one or more hits and then tapping the “edit” menu button (a rectangle with a pencil). Note that if you select multiple hits to edit simultaneously, batch edit will only update the settings enabled with a blue checkmark. The values of any settings that are not enabled will remain unchanged.

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