About Go Button

What does Go Button do?

Go Button makes it simple to create playlists of sound cues on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to play back during a live performance.

Go Button allows you to lock in exactly how you want every sound cue to play during your performance. When you’re done designing, you can run your show just by tapping “GO”.

What makes Go Button different?

Go Button is designed specifically to handle the needs of live events. Unlike CDs or other music player apps, Go Button can play multiple sounds at the same time, and it can be programmed to auto-stop at the end of a cue. The person running the show can react dynamically to what is happening on stage, or Go Button can be programmed to play back precisely the same way every time. Most shows will be a mix of both.

What audio formats does Go Button support?

Go Button supports playback of mono or stereo WAV, AIFF, AIFC, M4A, AAC, MP3, MOV, CAF, 3GP, MPEG4 audio, and FLAC. Go Button cannot play copy-protected audio files.

Does Go Button work with my remote control?

Go Button supports iOS-compatible remote controls, Bluetooth keyboards & accessories, MIDI input, and OSC commands. The default configuration maps common remote commands to specific Go Button actions. The Configure Remote Control screen of the Sidebar allows you to create profiles that configure which Go Button actions are assigned to each of your remote’s commands.

For more details, see Remotes.

Will I hear notifications and other sounds during my show?

Yes, you will... so be sure to set your device to Airplane Mode and turn off Wi-Fi before starting your show.

Go Button does everything it can to minimize interruptions. For example, opening a show stops audio that might be playing in other apps on your device. Nevertheless, apps cannot prevent system audio from being heard, like if you receive a call or text message during a show.

For this reason, we recommend running your shows with your device completely offline. This minimizes the chance that a system alert sound will interrupt your show and also conserves your battery life.

Can I move a show between my iPad and my iPhone?

Yes, shows can be shared and imported on other devices freely. You can even import a Go Button show into QLab.

When you export a show from Go Button, you can select whether or not to include the audio files used in your show. Exporting just your show data creates a very small .gobutton file, which is fast and easy to share. This is useful if you just need to update a show on another device that already has copies of the audio files you need.

Exporting a show with your audio files creates a larger .gobundle file. In addition to containing your show data, this file also contains copies of all of the audio files from your “Documents” folder that are used in your show. Note that Go Button cannot export tracks that are synced to your Music Library. You will need to manually sync or download those tracks to any other devices to run your show.

For more details, see the documentation page Importing, Exporting, and Restoring Your Shows.

Can I download an older version of Go Button that will run on my device?

If you have already purchased Go Button, you can re-install the last compatible version for your device from the App Store.

  1. Open the App Store app.
  2. Search for "Go Button" (or "Go Button Pro" if you purchased the paid up-front version).
  3. If a compatible version is available, a "cloud download" button will appear in the Go Button listing.
  4. Tap the cloud download button to install.

Unfortunately for new users who do not already own Go Button, we are only allowed to sell the current version on the App Store.

Why don't you offer support for Go Button over the phone?

We provide support via email instead of phone so that we can quickly direct you to the team member who is best suited to answering your question, so that we have a clear record of all of your questions and what we’ve suggested, and most of all because we know that it gets you better help, faster. We’re looking forward to hearing from you! Contact Support

Common Issues

I have a new device and my Pro License is missing.

Be sure to download Go Button on your new device using the same App Store account Apple ID that you used to make your original in-app purchase. Then in the Sidebar, tap “Unlock Go Button Pro” and then tap “Restore Previous Purchases”.

Some cues in my show say 'Too Many Files Open'.

This error results from a limitation of the iOS system process that serves Music Library tracks to third-party apps like Go Button.

iOS does not give Go Button direct access to the audio files in your Music Library — that only happens for the files that you import into Go Button’s “Documents” folder. If your show uses a large number of tracks from the Music Library, the iOS service that provides these tracks to Go Button can become overwhelmed when you first open a show. When this happens, those cues will appear disabled and display a “too many files open” error message.

The actual number of Music Library tracks that can be accessed at one time varies from device to device, depending on its specific capabilities.

To avoid this problem, we strongly recommend that you import your audio files into Go Button using one of the many methods described in the documentation page Importing Audio Files. You can then find your audio in the “Documents” tab of the Media Picker and assign one of those files to your cue or hit.

Having your audio files saved in your Documents folder is not only more efficient for Go Button to access, it also allows you to include your audio files with your show data when you export it as a show bundle.